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Bold Transformation: Say Hello to the New Malbek

malbekDecember 14, 2023

Bold Transformation: Say Hello to the New Malbek

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of change: our professional and social environments, how we operate, how we leverage hyper-advancements in technology. We are feeling the impact and the business of Legal, Procurement, Finance, and Sales is changing forever.

understand the nuances between fully and partially executed contracts.
Lizzy Painter

What is an Executed Contract? – Definition & Examples

An almost incalculable number of contracts are signed every year by business partners all over the world. It is no coincidence that almost a third of all employees worldwide work in contract management. But what exactly is the meaning of an executed contract? How do they affect the success of your business? In this article,

AI-powered contract management
Lizzy Painter

AI-Powered Contract Management Software in 2024

In this exploration of the future, let’s dive into the impact of AI-powered contract tools, unlocking the potential to drive enhanced efficiency, reduce risks, and revolutionize the very fabric of contract management workflows. From automated document analysis to the intricate dance of risk assessment, join us on a journey through the key aspects of this


Unveiling The Power of Contract Redlining Software

Introducing Contract Redlining Software: A Paradigm Shift in Contract Management In the ever-evolving contract management landscape, efficiency, and precision are paramount. Traditional approaches to reviewing and marking up contracts on hard copies are becoming obsolete, paving the way for innovative solutions like contract review software. This blog post explores the transformative power of contract redlining

contract risk management
Allison Caggia

The Essential Guide to Contract Compliance & Risk Management

The complexities of today’s global markets demand a thorough understanding of contract compliance and risk management. This essential guide aims to provide contract risk, the significance of contract compliance, and how organizations can navigate these challenges effectively. 

Allison Caggia

Procurement CLM: Navigating Regulatory Changes & Compliance

In the rapidly evolving landscape of procurement, the ability to stay abreast of regulatory changes is a critical component of successful contract management. Regulatory compliance is not only a legal requirement but also a strategic necessity for organizations seeking to mitigate risks and ensure the smooth functioning of their procurement contract management processes.


Malbek Unveils Bold Brand Elevation to Reflect Innovation and Growth in CLM

Malbek levels up its look to match pace of innovation to its Generative AI-powered Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management platform.

Allison Caggia

Malbek Announces Advanced Generative AI Innovations to Bek, the Legal Copilot

Trainable to your legal operation, Bek can perform highly complex CLM use cases across Malbek’s fully secure, multi-LLM stack.

Allison Caggia

6 Benefits of Integrating CLM Software into Your CRM

In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, the significance of maintaining an efficient and organized approach to contract management cannot be overstated. Contracts form the backbone of business relationships, and the way they are handled can wield a profound impact on the overall success of your organization.