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Jaime Slocum

Reflections and Resolutions From The Customer Experience Team

Ahh, January. It is the season for reflection, resolutions, and planning for the year. As Malbek’s VP of Customer Experience, these typical January activities are critical to making sure the Malbek community is heard and taken care of. Looking back on 2022, the CX team has grown and accomplished so much. However, we have big plans for 2023 and lots of goals to reach.

Reflecting on 2022

We started 2022 by continuing to grow the customer experience team and adding critical roles to support our customers. One of Malbek’s core values is our team spirit and collaboration to get the job done, and I’m proud to say we have continued to hire with that mindset and have had some fabulous people join our Malbek family. All these amazing new hires brought new perspectives, experience, and skills that helped us grow. 

One of our successes in 2022 is our team’s refined onboarding and implementation approach. Our Professional Services team refined our implementation methodology, which has increased time to value for our customers, focusing on achieving success on a set of focused goals and a configuration that can grow to support future objectives.  

We also saw great success in the execution of our goals to build our CSM team and processes and customer education initiatives. We implemented a CS program that allowed us to further strengthen our relationships with our customers to better support our customers’ continued adoption and expansion of their use of Malbek products. We began our monthly customer education program, including our live monthly “New Administrators” training course and our “Sips of Malbek” series.

As we start 2023

As we see the impact of the global economy and affairs, the theme of 2023 in the tech industry is a renewed and even stronger focus on customer success and keeping customer satisfaction high. For Malbek, customer success has always been at the forefront of what we do. From implementation to support to ongoing adoption and helping organizations continue to expand and realize their goals on the CLM over time. However, we remain humble and strive to learn and improve from each experience and piece of customer feedback.

Now it is time to reflect on feedback and data from 2022 and determine what we can do even better. We start 2023 with renewed focus and vigor for our customer service and success goals. Some exciting things we want to accomplish with our customers in the coming year are:

I’m proud of our CX team for keeping customer success at the forefront and working together every day to deliver. No matter where 2023 takes us, I am confident that my Customer Experience Team will continue to be collaborative and innovative with our customers to meet changing needs and business dynamics. I can’t wait to see us reach our goals and reflect on our growth again next year!