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Jaime Slocum

The 6 Secrets to Outstanding Customer Support

As someone who works in customer support, I’m very attuned to when I receive a great customer experience. One of the best I’ve ever encountered is with Patagonia, a favorite brand of mine. They make high-performing outdoor clothing that looks great while following a philosophy of sustainability. Last winter, my son came home from school one day wearing his Patagonia coat with a broken zipper and a rip in the back. I knew Patagonia did repairs, so I contacted them. I told them my problem, printed off a shipping label, and sent them the coat. A week later, I received an email that they had received the coat and would assess the damage. Another week later, I received the coat back in the mail with a new zipper and a new panel where the tear in the fabric had been, along with a note thanking me for helping our planet by choosing to repair my coat rather than dispose of it. This is why I am loyal to their brand. Not only is this a coat that keeps my son warm, comfortable, and stylish in winter, but Patagonia is a brand that I can be proud of and know that, if I have a problem or need, the company truly wants to help in a globally responsible way.

At Malbek, we want to offer the same amazing customer support experience you can count on. If you need us or have a challenge, we will provide a helping hand in your contract management journey. Here are six of the ways you can always expect us to come alongside for outstanding customer support.

We are available

Unlike other companies where you might get lost in an endless chain of automated, robotic phone prompts, or wait days for a response to your email asking for help, with Malbek, when you need us, we’ll be here. We like to refer to this as our high-touch, white-glove service. Our ultimate goal is to make you successful, not just get your account live, and we know that the best way to do this is person to person.

We listen

There is nothing more frustrating than speaking to someone in customer “care” who doesn’t seem to care! They don’t appear to comprehend or empathize with whatever problem you’re facing. The Malbek team possesses years of experience in implementing and supporting cloud solutions, as well as deep industry expertise. We listen to your challenges and goals, and then make recommendations based on industry best practices and configurations that will make things easier and more efficient.

We anticipate your needs

One of the things that sets good customer support teams apart from great ones is the ability to know what a customer will need even before they do. Our deep contracting experience allows us to anticipate future needs because we’ve dealt with a vast array of complex implementations and industry challenges in the past. In fact, that is why our founders have had the vision to build so much flexibility into the solution, allowing for easy customer configuration.

We do what we say we will do

It’s a very simple concept – be reliable. Follow through on action items and promises. It’s actually quite remarkable how much trust is built when you actually make good on what you said you would. Malbek team members know that they can count on each other internally, and we carry that same reliability through with our customers. When I have a problem or need and go to a teammate, I know I can always count on them. We provide that same service for our customers.

We use feedback as inspiration

We are realists at Malbek. We know that sometimes we will not meet your every expectation. But we also know that it is in the handling of customer feedback that we really have the opportunity to differentiate ourselves. We listen and are always willing to humbly receive what you have to say. You are our partner, and we are firmly committed to the idea that no one knows the product better than those who actually use it. Give us your input, and we will continue to incorporate that into the product vision!

We go above and beyond

Is there anything worse than customer support that does the bare minimum? That is not the Malbek way. We are focused on your success and aren’t going to issue a change order every time you have a question or additional need. That commitment means that you have our full attention to get your implementation launched and to address any obstacles that crop up along the way.

From start to finish, the Malbek experience is different than what you’ve encountered in the contract management world. Curious? Give us a shout. We’d love to show you the solution and talk with you more about customer support that delights.