Malbek x MS Dynamics

Maximize your sales potential by transforming contract management into a frictionless experience with Malbek’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

Frictionless contracting with Malbek and Microsoft Dynamics.

For sales, every minute spent wrestling with contract documents is a minute not spent selling. With Malbek’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics, we turn contract management into a frictionless experience for your sales teams. Protect the integrity of account data as it seamlessly flows from MS Dynamics into a new contract draft with just a click. The drafting, negotiating, and deal execution become so streamlined that your sales team will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Malbek x MS Dynamics

Key Benefits

Improve Collaboration

By integrating Malbek with MS Dynamics, you can foster improved collaboration and communication between teams — fostering stronger business relationships.

Informed Negotiations

All parties involved can fulfill their obligations directly within the CRM platform, eliminating back-and-forth, reducing inconsistencies, and minimizing risk.

Obligation Fulfillment

Advanced analytics help refine your contracting strategies, leading to more favorable outcomes and more revenue — data is always on your side to pinpoint specific clauses or terms causing bottlenecks.

Free Up Legal Time

Reduce Legal touchpoints by nearly 97%! Imagine a world where sales teams are no longer asking, “Where’s my contract?”!

Constantly evolving to meet your business needs.

Malbek tightly integrates Dynamics Account records, making the integration user-friendly without the need for technical expertise. As your business processes evolve in Dynamics, business users can easily update integrated configurations without relying on IT or technical resources.

Key Features

How MS Dynamics integrates with Malbek