Malbek x NetSuite

With Malbek’s NetSuite integration, Procurement teams can easily transfer data between the two applications to streamline workflows, accelerate contract cycle times, and improve obligation tracking.

Simplify vendor management and unite spend with Netsuite and Malbek

With most Procurement contracts on third-party paper, Procurement teams are faced with challenges like manually reviewing contracts, identifying unfavorable terms, addressing bottlenecks in the contract approval process, and locating different types of supplier agreements. Malbek NetSuite integration allows you to access real-time NetSuite Vendor and Sales Order information as a source of master data during contract creation.

Malbek x NetSuite

Key Benefits

Seamless Data

Seamlessly transfer data between Malbek and NetSuite, eliminating manual entry and tracking, for a streamlined and error-free procurement workflow.

Accelerate Contract Cycle Time

Configure data workflows in Malbek to automate contract template selection, ensuring consistency and significantly speeding up the contract creation and authoring process.

Improve Obligation Tracking

With Malbek’s NetSuite integration, gain unparalleled visibility into contract lifecycles, receive timely notifications on record updates, and ensure data accuracy for crucial obligations.

Unified Vendor Information

Access real-time NetSuite Vendor and Sales Order information directly within Malbek, providing a comprehensive view of vendor data during contract creation and management.

Obligation tracking never looked so smooth.

Mismanaged or overlooked contract obligations can cost an organization between 9%-15% of annual revenue. With Malbek’s NetSuite integration, you’ll have more visibility into where each contract is in its lifecycle and can easily notify key stakeholders when a record has been updated or changed. 

Key Features

How NetSuite integrates with Malbek