Malbek x Slack

With so many moving pieces throughout a contract lifecycle, all stakeholders must have visibility, accessibility, and accountability throughout the process.

Malbek and Slack work together to improve collaboration and productivity at each turn.

Malbek Slack integration gives you visibility and the opportunity to engage with important activity on your contracts, such as: approving workflows, tracking comments and @mentions, and searching for contracts, all directly within Slack.

Malbek x Slack

Key Benefits

Improved Workflows

Quickly review contract terms or documents using search or Slack slash commands.

Enhanced Visibility

Ensure no gaps in communication and share key updates promptly.

Mobile Accessibility

CLM messaging tools and context are right at your fingertips.

Improved Collaboration

Build business relationships while working on agreements.

Expedite contract cycle times and share key updates in real-time. 

Spend less time emailing updates to your cross-functional teams and more time on key contractual terms that matter most. Contracting process often creates a disconnect between departments, causing friction among groups.  By increasing real-time visibility and transparency into contract activity, it builds relationships across sales, finance, legal, IT, procurement, and other departments when working on agreements with your external parties.

Key Features

How Slack integrates with Malbek