Klix - Level up your clickwrap and shrinkwrap agreements with ease.

Level up your clickwrap agreements.

To ensure that online agreements are presented clearly, legally valid, and enforceable, it is critical to find the right clickwrap solution. With Malbek Klix by your side, you can focus on what really matters: driving revenue without frustration or downstream implications.

one click wonder...
Configure clickwrap agreements with ease

Why Klix?

Automate your high-volume, low-complexity agreements with ease.

Strike a perfect balance – configure your terms quickly and present shrinkwrap agreements in a clear, concise way. Make it easy for customers to accept with a single click!

Fast to design: Creating and sharing your online agreements is as simple as uploading your documents and making a few design decisions. The best part is that by limiting what you can customize, we're helping to ensure that your agreements are legally enforceable. 

Easy to update: Klix gives you the agility to flex, pivot, and quickly grow to meet your needs. Clickwrap and shrinkwrap agreements like privacy policies, terms of use, and EULA agreements can be updated and automatically pushed to your website.

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All your contracts under one roof.

Klix can be used as a stand-alone product or in tandem with Malbek’s flagship CLM platform. Users can enjoy an intuitive interface that provides a fast and familiar user experience for all. 

Centralize contract management efforts: Our unified product offering centralizes contract management with one login, one set of reports, and one repository. 
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Integration with popular business applications: Beyond clickwrap, Malbek offers a robust CLM system that integrates with popular business solutions. Our drag-and-drop connectors are constantly evolving to provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve adoption for customers. 
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Ensure compliance and mitigate litigation risk.

Enforce online agreements from a single unified platform to streamline operations, improve collaboration, and ensure you won't have any unexpected legal disputes. 

Proof of acceptance: Capture a user's acceptance or acknowledgment of certain terms without disrupting the customer experience.

Easily accessible with secure contract storage: Contrax is a delight for the customer to use with our modern interface, Amazon-like search, and our fewest clicks ideology. Find proof of acceptance and audit trails in an instant.

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Improve your customer experience.

Replace the act of providing a signature with a simple click, providing an easy way to capture a user's acceptance or acknowledgment of certain terms without disrupting your customer experience.

Clickwrap agreements are everywhere. Every day, millions of people are agreeing to these agreements on websites, apps, and mobile devices. 

Instant and enforceable: These seemingly instant online contracts help improve conversions and customer experiences. These agreements replace the act of providing a signature with a simple click.



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