Updated May 10, 2023

A Note on Sub-Processors

A sub-processor is a third-party data processor engaged by Malbek who has or potentially will have access to or process data which may contain personal data. The table below states the sub-processors Malbek engages with. Malbek requires that its sub-processors satisfy obligations no less stringent than those set forth in Malbek’s Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”).

Third-Party Sub-Processor


Applicable Service




Customer Tracking

Customer communications and opportunity tracking and management

 United States 
ZenDesk Customer Support Support Ticketing  United States 
Delighted Customer Support Customer Surveying  United States 
Smartsheets Customer Support Customer project management and collaboration  United States 
PlanHat Customer Support Management of customer support projects  Sweden
Amazon Web Services Data Hosting Operates server instances that support and sustain Malbek SaaS services.  United States 
LearnUpon Customer Support Product Education and Training Ireland

Survey Monkey

Customer Support

Customer Surveying

United States

Google Document AI*

AI Services

Product Support

United States

Microsoft Azure AI*

AI Services

Product Support

United States


Website Support

Server Support Services

United States

*These sub-processors only apply to those customers who have subscribed to specific AI-powered services.