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Becky Holloway

Complex Contracting Simplified

When Atheer, a pioneer in Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR), began looking for a CLM solution to manage the increasing complexity of their agreements, they knew they wanted a vendor partner with a similar growth philosophy. As an enterprise software company pioneering a new category of software for large companies, Atheer understood the importance of selecting the right contracting solution. They knew they needed a vendor that could evolve with their own growth and scale in both volume and complexity to get contracting right straight from the get-go. This kind of operational efficiency would be an important part of being agile in a rapidly evolving market.

Enabling Sales to Soar

Atheer’s contracting challenges centered around the need to enable their sales team “Atheer knew they needed a vendor that could evolve with their own growth and scale in both volume and complexity to get contracting right straight from the get-go.” to efficiently create contract proposals for different deployment scenarios based on a solution made up of software, smart devices, and services. Since many of their customers were large, global enterprises operating in different parts of the world, their contracts often had to include multi-currencies and special clauses.

Accelerating Time to Value

Atheer quickly realized a proper CLM solution was needed to manage these complexities, especially when they had to ensure the right pricing went into the contracts and that discounts were carefully managed to safeguard compliance. Plus, by working with the Malbek consultants, Atheer was able to standardize the templates to ensure that the contracts were consistent and easy to understand for customers. The goal was to streamline the ordering process and accelerate the time to value.

Keeping It Simple

Atheer saw Malbek Contrax™ as the ideal solution to their contracting challenges and as a well-suited partner for their rapidly growing enterprise software business. While they often ran into unique contracting requirements from different customers, the company understood that standardization was actually an important factor in keeping contracts from becoming overly complex and unmanageable. With Malbek’s help, they managed to limit the number of contract templates and to keep them simple to use for the sales force. By partnering with Malbek, Atheer was able to strike a balance between the deals they currently managed and where they knew they needed to go moving forward. In their own words: “Less is more.”

Growing Across the Globe

With so much market potential behind Atheer and the Enterprise AR space as a whole, creating contracts correctly the first time with their customers – global, Fortune 200 companies – meant they could scale more rapidly. The flexible nature of Malbek’s solution has enabled Atheer to easily expand their deals into new geographies and divisions with existing customers. In addition, replacing manual signatures with e-signature has made it possible to accelerate deal cycles and return on investment.