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Dan Sloan

How Are We Different from Our Competitors

Welcome to another installment of our series “You ask. We answer” where we answer some of the most common questions that come from people like you! So, let’s get started!

How Are You Different From Your Competitors?

I’ve heard the story before. You sit through demo after demo and read proposal after proposal and still can’t remember one contract management vendor from another. Overloaded on information, you can start to think “Is there ANYONE different out there?”
The answer is yes! Yes, there is and we are called Malbek! We are a modern solution built to solve modern contracting problems, no hoops or hurdles included. Here are just a few of the key differentiators that set us apart from the competition.

1. We Play Well with Others

Other contract management solutions often follow the cubicle model of thinking. Everyone is in their own box and there is little sharing or communication. The thing is, the cubicle method of contract management isn’t the Malbek way. Time and time again, it’s been proven that collaboration and partnerships power innovation and success, and we embrace this idea.

That’s why we offer out-of-the-box connectivity with all sorts of platforms, such as Salesforce, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and Microsoft Dynamics, to name a few, all via the Malbek Konnect marketplace. This is such an important differentiator because it drastically improves an organization’s ability to share critical contract data, insights and analytics. In turn, this enables you, the customer, to be more strategic and make better business decisions.

And on top of that, implementing Malbek with other systems is a streamlined, headache-free affair. Malbek Konnect is a drag-and-drop marketplace where you can integrate other applications without the need for advanced technical support. This translates to less implementation expense and a lower total cost of ownership!

2. We Are Built for Today (and Tomorrow Too)

It’s 2021, so why on earth would you settle with a solution that was built in 2000? Older CLM solutions may think the future is going to be the same as the past. News flash…modern problems require modern solutions. Since that is the foundation Malbek was built on, our modern, cloud-based platform is a stark contrast to old and clunky competitors.

According to our users, Malbek continues to be more intuitive, friendlier, and easier to use than competing CLM solutions, resulting in faster adoption by end-users across the organization. A solution can’t do you any good if it sits on a shelf and no one uses it! Many other CLM solutions are clunky and slow, preventing users from using them on a daily basis.

With Malbek, you will get blazing fast performance that actually addresses your modern contracting problems with a delightful end-to-end full contract lifecycle solution.

3. Our Solution Is Built with AI First

Unlike Malbek’s competition, when many were designed before AI was even available, Malbek was built with AI first. This means that every part of the platform is firmly rooted in AI and it is incorporated throughout the lifecycle. With the click of a button the power of AI is at your fingertips. You’ll unlock insights and analytics that would be unavailable with other CLM solutions.

We make it easy to extract key terms and clauses in bulk because we’ve developed an AI extraction engine that will do it for you. This helps you to hit the ground running and get right to what you need. Our platform also tags contracts with non-standard terms, helping identify inherent contract risk. This makes managing third-party contracts a breeze as you automatically receive guidance on preferred clause language. Going beyond most CLM systems available today, Malbek’s AI shines a light on contract data, providing analytics, guidance, and insights.

When compared to other CLM solutions, Malbek blows the competition out of the water. We are a user friendly, modern contract management solution built for today. Our modern CLM features give Malbek a unique advantage in the marketplace, and we want to share that with you. Your success is our success!

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