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A Quotable Guide to Envision 2020


Alice Alfano

October 12, 2020

Thank you to everyone who made Envision 2020, Malbek's first ever user conference, such an energizing and valuable experience! It was a privilege to hear the variety of input on contract management as a broad topic and related to the Malbek solution in particular from the mouths of our customers, the ones who live it every day.
Partnership, feedback, and continual growth were running themes throughout the two-day conference. As a community we were able to share a great deal of wisdom, and here are some awesome quotable gems that are particularly memorable:




1. CLM Solutions Are the Future of Business

  •  "A CLM is a business tool, not just a legal one." - Customer Panelist
  • "I see the future of CLM as a document management platform, not just for contracts. I'm envisioning a platform that you can connect to other platforms and provide insight." - Customer Panelist
  • "Having a CLM allows you to access your data and run your business more efficiently by knowing and understanding the data within your contracts." - Customer Panelist
  • "Our legal team was involved in over 70% of contract reviews before Malbek and now they are involved in less than 30% reviews as we automated the contracting process and use of standard and alternate pre-approved language providing more self-service access to business teams." - Customer Panelist

2. Feedback Drives Results

  • "The feedback from customers is reviewed everyday unlike my old company where it was only looked at maybe once a quarter. We want to continuously listen to what you say and what you need every day. We take your feedback seriously because your optimal outcome is our optimal outcome." - Hemanth Puttaswamy, CEO
  • "The more you involve people, the more willing and ready they will be to become champions and advocates. Listening to those pain points and addressing them and involving people early and often are the best ways to succeed" - Customer Panelist
  • "We need to listen to the business as a CLM user and have the business understand the potential of the CLM and provide us with feedback. We need to feed that into the whole process and align it with business needs." - Customer Panelist

3. Transparency, Honesty, and Support Are What Set Us Apart

  • "Other software companies are all talk but Malbek delivers the experience they promise." - Customer Attendee
  • "There were a lot of things our old CLM just wasn't helping us with and one of the biggest reasons that we became a Malbek CLM customer is the customer support. We have gotten an amazing customer support experience. Everything we needed help for or with was answered quickly. You don't get that a lot with other vendors and that's probably the most important thing." - Customer Panelist
  • "We are not building the company just to grow the business. If we haven't earned your respect and trust in a very honest way, then we are not doing the job we should." - Hemanth Puttaswamy, CEO
  • "No wonder Malbek solution is so cool, its because all the Malbek team members are so cool!" - Happy Hour customer attendee

We want to thank our customers again for such a wonderful time. From our panel discussion with industry veterans to the sneak peak at new and coming features to the fun-filled virtual Happy Hour, we are so glad that you are part of our community and can't wait to see you next year!

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