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Becky Holloway

Innovations Inspired by You

We believe that contracts shouldn’t be confined just to the realm of legal. Contract data can (and does) drive results across the entire business. That’s why the features and integrations we just announced are all centered around success for you, our customer. Your best-case scenario is what we want to help you achieve, and our newest improvements will help you do just that. 

Tools for Success

Our mission is to give our customers the tools to achieve contract management success. And with our newest additions, it is easier than ever to assess contract risk and identify lifecycle bottlenecks. Our new contract management activity dashboard provides a snapshot view of the state of contracts across the entire business. You can compare all-important information, like negotiated business terms and clause progression, to get a holistic view of your business’s total contract exposure and process health.

Expanding AI Functionality

These days everybody perk up when they hear “AI”, and the buzz is well deserved. Malbek’s AI-first contract solution has introduced additional functionality that allows you to annotate, test, and build your own contract AI models. You can also now bulk extract key terms and clauses with closed loop AI. This can be particularly helpful for legacy contract import, M&A, and vendor contract analysis. Additionally, you can now import, analyze, and build a clause playbook from your legacy contracts in a single click.

The Integrations You Asked For

Rounding out this robust product release,  we have added some new integrations that have been inspired by you! We now integrate with Slack, the business communication platform that so many of you use daily.  There is a lot the Slack integration can do, including streamlining communication and approvals and helping to prevent bottlenecks. Additionally, we’ve added new integrations with procurement solutions and DeepL, which enables global customers to review contracts in multiple languages instantaneously with language translation. And the best part is that all of these integrations are code-free, drag and drop connectors.

Contracts contain the most mission-critical information for any organization and, in a world of tremendous uncertainty, knowing what you’ve contractually committed to and then using that insight to build better contracts definitely gives you a competitive advantage.