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Say Goodbye to Email, Hello Slack!


Madhu Poolu

October 19, 2020

Digital contract management is a team sport. During its lifecycle, a contract has to go through various stages starting with creation and moving to approvals, negotiation, signature and, finally, the active stage. In each of these stages the contract has to touch many people on your team whether for internal approvals or for review.

The easier you make your contracts accessible to your team, the faster your contract velocity will be. At Malbek, we are constantly on the lookout to increase team collaboration and reduce communication friction, moving your contracts from start to finish as fast as possible. Now with the emergence of the latest messaging platforms, such as Slack, communication has never been easier.

Malbek is introducing its newest integration connector that helps to bring the power of Malbek's contract management to Slack’s messaging platform.

Malbek’s new Slack connector brings you a host of benefits

  • Real-time notifications As the contract moves through its lifecycle, all the stage change notifications are delivered right to your Slack channels.

Say Goodbye to email and Hello Slack


  • Approvals All approval notifications are delivered to the approver's channel with full context of the contract, and they can approve right from Slack.

Say Goodbye to email and Hello Slack


  • Home dashboard We bring you a summary of key information to the Malbek home tab in Slack. In the home tab we present:
    • All the activities of your most recent contracts
    • Approvals in your task list
    • Your request queues for triaging contract requests
    • All the @mention conversations that you were mentioned

Say Goodbye to email and Hello Slack

  • Search anything in Malbek You can use global Slack shortcuts and commands to search for anything in Malbek and present those results right within Slack without interrupting your flow.

Say Goodbye to email and Hello Slack

Best of all, true to Malbek’s steadfast commitment to no-code customization, you can configure the content of all notifications with just a few clicks. No IT or professional services required.

The Malbek app is available to try in your sandbox as a connector install and also will be available in the Slack app directory soon. To see this functionality in action, we'd be happy to show you a demo.

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