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Taeler Gannuscia

Introducing Malbek Klix: The One-Click Wonder for Online Agreements

Drum roll please…

Today is the official launch of our newest product: Malbek Klix™.  A modern clickwrap solution that simplifies online agreements for everyone. 

What is a Clickwrap agreement?

Every day, millions of people are agreeing to clickwrap agreements on websites, apps, and mobile devices. Clickwrap agreements are non-negotiated, seemingly instant online contracts. If you have checked an “I agree” box after reviewing a policy, waiver, or another kind of online contract, then you’ve accepted a clickwrap agreement before! These agreements replace the act of providing a signature with a simple click, providing an easy way to capture a user’s acceptance or acknowledgment of certain terms without disrupting the customer experience. However, just because these agreements are easy to agree to, doesn’t mean they have always been easy to configure or enforce. In fact, they are surprisingly easy to get wrong, leaving many organizations open to unwanted and unnecessary risks.

 Enter Malbek Klix: Our newest contract solution that takes the confusion and complexity out of clickwrap agreements.   

Meet Malbek Klix: A modern clickwrap solution

With Klix, Admins can easily configure, store, and enforce agreements in one location, and consumers can agree with one quick click. Automating and standardizing your high-volume agreements has never been easier. Using Klix, you can:

The best part? Klix can be used as a stand-alone product or in tandem with Malbek’s flagship CLM platform, Malbek Contrax, so users can enjoy an intuitive interface with one login, one repository, and one set of reports.

Why Klix?

We’ve seen firsthand how much time Legal and IT teams spend creating their own clickwrap agreements while also trying to ensure they are designed, presented, and tracked in a way that is legally enforceable. This process is not only time-consuming, but it also presents unwanted risk and exposure to organizations that rely on these agreements to manage seamless conversions and customer experiences. 

Knowing that contract management is a team sport and involves collaboration across several teams, Klix was designed with the enterprise in mind. Now business users can easily create, share, and track enforceable online agreements in one shared workspace. That’s clickwrap reimagined! 

Ready to learn more? Check out our product page and request a demo today!