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Allison Caggia

Malbek x EDF Renewables: A Seamless CLM Solution for Contracting and Compliance


Effective contract management is crucial for organizations to maintain smooth operations and stay ahead of the competition. Malbek’s CLM software helps companies operate more efficiently and collaboratively while minimizing risk, ensuring compliance, and eliminating tedious tasks. By implementing our CLM, customers reported a 50% reduction in contract review time, allowing employees to focus on more important matters, resulting in further company success.

There’s nothing we love more than a happy customer, so we were thrilled to sit down with Allison Ramirez, Senior Contract Manager at EDF Renewables, North America, and hear how Malbek has helped her operate more efficiently and created a better work experience for all employees involved in the contracting process. 

Who is EDF Renewables?
As a global organization leading the renewable energy charge for 35 years, EDF Renewables is committed to building sustainable systems for a better future—starting with their own contracting processes. After making the move from a legacy solution to a modern, cloud-based platform, the EDF team was empowered to simplify complex transactions and streamline standard agreements across the organization using configurable templates, approval workflows, and e-signature integration.

What challenges did they face?
As Senior Contracts Manager for the Legal Department, Allison is responsible for the preparation, review, management, negotiation, and overseeing all contracting needs across North America. As you can imagine, this was a daunting task with over 200 contracts in flux. Allison said that their past product was “outdated, unfriendly, and no one wanted to use it. There was nothing we could do to make improvements.” This is not surprising since Gartner estimates that 50% of first-time CLM implementations fail to deliver expected benefits. Here at Malbek, we take great pride in the fact that 96% of our customers are happy with our support, services, and seamless implementation process.

How has Malbek helped EDF?
Looking for a more modern solution to help digitally transform her business, Allison’s team explored many options and did their demo due diligence. Allison said that “Malbek came and blew everyone out of the water.” She explained that Malbek was able to provide EDF with a cloud environment with the ability to oversee and track all their milestones and deliverables with a simple notification. Before this, it was all tracked through a spreadsheet or a paper trail, resulting in fragmented processes and communication gaps. Now, with over 200 contracts in process, all the stakeholders can easily see where all the contracts are and what milestones and deliverables are happening in real-time.

What is business like today for EDF?
Allison’s story highlights the transformative power of CLM software and how it helped her company to achieve greater efficiency, improved compliance, enhanced visibility, and an overall superior customer experience. “I can’t imagine working on this in any other type of system. It is the best CLM system on the market” Allison proclaimed. 

Thank you, Allison, we are so pleased that Malbek has helped you and your company thrive!

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