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Honey, Can You Remind Me When Our Anniversary Is?


Matt Patel

June 15, 2020

Ever ask this question to your spouse?  Hopefully you didn’t have to because you should remember it, or you have set-up a reminder on your phone to remind you. If you missed it, you will have an unhappy spouse for a few days, some verbal grilling, and probably a list of tasks to make up for your mistake. But things will be OK after a few days.

But if you missed a milestone or an event on a contract at work, things won't get resolved quickly. You will either have to deal with a financial loss, loss of time, or other compliance issues if you missed a key obligation on your agreement. Your management will be unhappy, your external party will think you are unable to manage contract obligations, and overall perception will be negative. And in this scenario, unlike missing your anniversary, things might not become OK after a few days.

You don’t have to miss milestones on your agreements. Let Malbek help you.  Gone are the days where you track contract events on your Outlook calendar, a whiteboard, or some type of shared repository. Intelligent contract management systems like Malbek can monitor and track your milestones and obligations on contracts and proactively remind you to ensure you don’t miss a commitment.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your honey-do-list at your work place? A solution like Malbek can remind you about new contract requests, pending approvals, contracts out with your external party, pending signature requests, and many other contract tasks that are otherwise lost in your growing email inbox.

So let Malbek track your contract events so that you can focus on more important things, like remembering your anniversary and other key events in your personal life.

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