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Ed Breault

Boosting Sales with CLM Analytics and Legal Team Collaboration

Sales teams are the lifeblood of any organization, constantly navigating the challenging gauntlet of closing deals, ensuring compliance, and maximizing revenue. However, the burden of administrative tasks often consumes a significant portion of their time, diverting attention from their primary role of selling. This blog explores the transformative power of contract management software for Sales, particularly the game-changing integration with Salesforce. Focusing on Malbek as a prime example, we delve into how this integration modernizes contract processes, empowers sales teams, and drives overall business growth. 

Streamlining the Contract Process

The integration of CLM with Salesforce emerges as a crucial catalyst in streamlining the entire contract process. Sales teams can now seamlessly initiate, review, and approve contracts within the Salesforce platform, eliminating the need for cumbersome toggling between systems. This not only reduces manual data entry but also fosters improved communication and collaboration among various departments, including sales, legal, and finance. 

Automating contract-related tasks, such as approval routing and notifications, significantly saves sales cycle time and effort. The potential for a 50% or more reduction in time to close allows sales representatives to focus on what matters most – closing deals and exploring new opportunities. This heightened efficiency provides complete visibility into deals, empowering sales reps to negotiate better agreements and propel the sales cycle forward. 

Leveraging CLM Analytics: Metrics and KPIs for Enhanced Performance 

The integration of CLM for sales teams goes beyond process optimization; it equips sales professionals with invaluable insights through key performance indicators (KPIs). By analyzing these metrics, sales teams gain a comprehensive understanding of their contract performance and identify areas for improvement. 

Contract Cycle Time

Measuring the average duration from contract initiation to execution, the contract cycle time becomes a critical metric. With CLM integration, sales managers can pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies, facilitating targeted optimization efforts. Visibility into time spent on various contract tasks enables resource allocation and process enhancement. 

Contract Volume and Value

Monitoring the number and total value of contracts processed aids in assessing team performance and tracking progress towards revenue goals. This integrated approach ensures legal and sales teams have CLM analytics that are readily available within Salesforce, providing a centralized view alongside other crucial sales metrics to improve the overall sales cycle.

Contract Renewal Rate

The contract renewal rate, indicating the percentage of successfully renewed contracts, offers insights into customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of relationship management. Proactively tracking this metric empowers sales professionals to engage with customers and maximize revenue from existing accounts. 

Contract Approval Time

Efficient approval processes are crucial for timely execution. CLM integration automates approval workflows, reducing the time and effort required for approvals. Tracking the average approval time helps identify delays and supports ongoing optimization efforts. 

Contract Compliance Rate

Ensuring adherence to company policies and legal requirements is vital for risk mitigation. Integrated CLM guarantees consistency in deals, minimizing errors and reducing potential risks. 

Locating Bottlenecks and Optimizing Workflows 

CLM software serves as a linchpin for enhancing coordination as contracts progress through various stages. Analyzing CLM metrics enables businesses to identify workflow slowdowns and strategically address lagging areas. 

Contract Turnaround Time

From the initial sales contact to the final signing, tracking contract turnaround time is pivotal for identifying bottlenecks and streamlining processes. Addressing issues, such as approval hubs and multiple platform usage, significantly reduces turnaround time. 

Corrections and Redlining

Analyzing redlining metrics helps identify areas for more efficient contract editing and signing methods. Whether through cloud-based software, boilerplate language, or clickwrap agreements, optimizing the redlining process contributes to overall efficiency. 

Contract Review and Approvals

Efficiency in the review and approval process is critical for maximizing the net value of contracts. CLM metrics aid in identifying areas for improvement in negotiation and drafting efficiency, allowing businesses to streamline these essential stages. 

Integrating CLM for Sales Teams: Driving Growth and Success with CLM and Salesforce Integration 

Integration of CLM with Salesforce emerges as a dynamic force, empowering sales professionals to achieve streamlined, efficient, and compliant contract processes. The combination of process optimization, efficiency metrics, and performance analytics provided by CLM analytics facilitates data-driven decision-making, workflow optimization, and a renewed focus on the core function of selling. 

Malbek’s AI-powered CLM solution is reshaping how businesses approach contract management. With this powerful integration, businesses can simplify and accelerate their contract management processes, enabling sales teams to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive landscape. 

CLM Case Study: Square’s Success Story with Legal-Sales Collaboration

In a recent CLM webinar with Square, we discussed their increasing need to seamlessly integrate the Legal-Sales process. Their CLM integration transformed Malbek into a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all of Square’s contract management needs and greatly improved collaboration between legal and sales. The Salesforce integration brought immediate and remarkable success. This integration alone demonstrated a clear return on investment for Square.

Within just 30 days of implementing Malbek and integrating it with Salesforce, Square observed astounding improvements: 

Square’s powerful example shows that adopting the right technology and leadership can lead to substantial operational improvements and financial benefits for legal and sales teams.

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