How Malbek Is Like Amazon Prime
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Matt Patel

March 15, 2021

How Malbek is like Amazon Prime

You would have to be living under a rock to not know about Amazon Prime these days. You can order anything — from a mattress to a candle — and within two days you get it on your doorstep. You can search for what you need, figure out if it is eligible for two-day delivery, read the reviews on the product, and get it in your hands in a fraction of the time that would take you to use a different online retailer.  Instead of struggling with long delivery times like other companies, Amazon chose to listen to what people wanted and made a fast and easy way to find and get what you need. With all that said, imagine if we applied that concept to contracting. What if you can get your contracts delivered in two days or less? That sounds like a dream, right?

Well, get ready to pinch yourself because two-day contracting is absolutely a reality — with the right provider, of course.


You can find anything on Amazon in a snap with all their filtering capabilities. Can that visibility and ease apply to contracts? With Malbek Contrax, it sure can.  Malbek search capabilities are optimized to be lightning fast and provides the same filtering functionality that, in this case, lets you hone in on the exact contract you're looking for. We take pride in the fact that our searches perform just like a consumer-grade search engine so you can get the contract you need in seconds without wasting lots of time searching.  No more of having to build a complex report to get your list of contracts the way you want it.


You can order a product on Amazon with a one-click user experience.  Well, you can "order" a contract in Malbek with a single click.  Imagine having your approved quote in and with a single-click, instantly having your MSA and order form drafted and out to the customer. 


With the Malbek CLM platform, you can indeed expedite your contracting cycle times to 2 days or less.  Long gone are the days where you request a contract and wait days or weeks for the draft to be ready and approved.  With Malbek you can have a draft ready instantly and get the reviews and approvals done faster than ever before. 


Once you request a contract (or order a product on Amazon) what do you typically do next?  You want to know where it is and you check out the tracking details of course.  With Malbek, you can track your contract at any time and know exactly where it is, who has it for approval, and how long it's been there. And with integrations to popular communication apps, like Slack, you can choose your favorite method to get their attention and get that contract delivered — and shipping is always free. 😊


But what if the request for the contract is no good? We've got you covered there too. Free returns.  With Malbek, you can "return" the contract to the requester to either fix and resubmit or start over. 


We all check the reviews of a product before we buy! Today's savvy consumer wants to know what real people are saying about the product in question. Well, Malbek has that too. Head over to see our G2 or Capterra profiles and read the reviews of real-life Malbek customers

Much like how Amazon Prime has revolutionized shopping convenience for our personal lives, Malbek is reimagining the contract management space for the business world. When you're ready to experience modern contract management, schedule a demo with us and see for yourself.   And remember, next time your spouse raves about how he/she ordered something on Amazon instantly, tell them how you got your contracts done instantly, in Malbek.


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