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A Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone at Your Company


Alice Alfano

December 5, 2022

The holidays are around the corner and it's time to think about what to get your favorite coworkers. No worries though! We've got you covered with our holiday gift guide for every business team.


Sales people are detail-oriented, particular, and great listeners. However, they can very much be headstrong and hyper-focused on end goals rather than the process. As a result they make Legal want to take up boxing, while also making the CFO very, very happy. Since there can be a wide range of feelings from their coworkers, we recommend getting them some paper tantrums to leave on their desk so their coworkers can communicate without being asked where a document is 50 times. 

Legal Ops

Legal Operations folks are sharp, goal-focused, and the closest thing to “fast” that Legal will ever be. And most importantly, they are responsible for translating business practices into legal. That is one of the most terrifying job descriptions, especially since Legal and Business teams may not  even speak the same language. So, we recommend a cocktails around the world book so they can work on their language skills while also trying to forget about last week’s conversation on faster cycle times.

General Counsel

General Counsel types are the department of defense of the legal world. They have to deal with executive expectations and demands as well as any and all legal fire drills that might come up. And all the while they are expected to review legal practices across the business. That sounds stressful and a little overwhelming, and we think they should take up yoga or meditation. That’s why we recommend getting them yoga dice for the holidays. They can learn to unwind, relax, and disconnect from everyone telling them they used the wrong terms in a contract without even having to think of what to do next.


Procurement folks are sometimes more akin to the middle child of business: everyone needs them but they get the least attention. Much like contracts, everyone relies on Procurement to get their stuff done. They are great people, albeit somewhat soft-spoken. Since they deserve more attention than they get, we recommend getting them an affirmation journal. They can fill it out every day to remind themselves that they matter, are needed, and are WAY better than the terms from the third-party paper they deal with every day. 

Rev Ops

Revenue Operations folks are the outspoken people at the party who take it upon themselves to tell the catering staff their food setup is "inefficient". In their day-to-day, they are responsible for aligning Sales, Marketing, and everyone else to optimize revenue (and profits!). Since they are all about the returns, we recommend getting them an Amazon gift card. This way, they can buy what they want and get the return experience they dream of.


Almost as pushy as sales and just as particular, Finance folks have a need for speed while watching every dollar spent. These folks are the ones who know what “time is money” really means. So we think it’s best to get them a gift that fuels their desire for speed. We recommend a pair of speedwalking shoes. This will make chasing down process efficiency easier. As a bonus, they will give them better pacing form when someone plays with their Excel sheets. 

A Gift For the Whole Company

Ok, so you don't want to buy individual gifts. So why not get something that will delight everyone across the business? Malbek Contrax is a CLM solution that is the perfect gift to unite the enterprise and empower your people no matter what department they are in.

Take a self-guided tour to get a taste of Malbek and the joy it brings. Alternatively, you can request a demo to get a detailed guide on how the most modern, award-winning CLM can benefit you at your organization and make you look like the star. 


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