Malbek Photography Contest
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Malbek Photography Contest


Matt Patel

March 8, 2021

Recently, Team Malbek India held a photography contest as a fun employee activity. They took pictures using their phone or camera devices and submitted them for the contest. Although no one on the team claimed to be a photographer, the talent evident in each of the 30 images that were submitted might say otherwise. Such amazing creativity!

To ensure that the contest was fair, I asked one of my friends, David Adams, who is an experienced photographer on the side, to judge the pictures and help select the winner. I asked him to spend a few minutes to review the pictures, identify the winners, and give a short reason why he judged the photos the way he did.

And of course, David went wayyyy beyond what I asked for. He ended up making a whole 18 minute video with full commentary, analysis, and suggestions for each of the summited photos. It is such an insightful and detailed assessment of the submissions that I had to share it with all of you:


Each submission was wonderful but, as a recap of David's video, here are the three best in show winning photos: 

Third Place: Childhood besties by Ankita Tanawala

Third Place: Childhood besties Malbek photography contest

This beautiful image shows two girls smiling and prepared for any weather. You can tell they are having a great time. The focus, lighting, and composure of the image is outstanding. The only issue is that it needs a better white balance to bring out the brightness. Over all, great job Ankita!

Second Place: Focus on feather by Pratik Panchal

Focus on feather Malbek photography contest

This photo is very intriguing as it truly makes you look. The peacock feather looks almost like a bird's eye since it is framed by the rolled page. Focus is great as it draws your eye through the photograph. Lighting and composure are excellent. Beautiful work. Pratik!

First Place: Water Splashes by Bhumika Thaker

Water splashes Malbek photography contest

This speed shot shows how the water dissipates as the tennis ball is dropped into it. The focus, lighting, and exposure are all excellent. Overall, this photo's creativity and quality are what made it the grand winner. Outstanding job, Bhumika!

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