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Signs of Shelfware: Can You Hear Me!?


Alice Alfano

November 2, 2020

Today we continue our series on Contract Management Shelfware and turn our attention to the topic of customer support and how legacy contract management vendors often fall short.

"We have an issue that customer support can reproduce but refuses to provide a fix. It makes us feel like our issue is not big enough for them to address." - Shelfware Client

Have you ever been on hold for three hours just to have a snarky person who seems to not like people answer the phone? It makes you feel frustrated and even defeated. You spent your precious time – a critical resource that you can’t get back – and you are met with something that is more customer deterrent than customer service. 

Former contract management shelfware clients often describe how they felt like they were dealing with corporate robots, not people, when they needed to talk to anyone about their legacy CLM. Being abandoned by your CLM customer support is a waste of time and is a sign that the software isn’t able or willing to flex to your needs.

If you have to wonder "Can my CLM solution's customer support even hear me?" then you are definitely dealing with shelfware. Among our rescued shelfware users, bad customer service and support is one of the complaints we hear about the most often. And usually, the first thing they say to us is something like, "You can actually hear me!? Finally!"

Customer support and communication is no laughing matter. If bad communication between employees can cost upwards of $26,000 a year per person due to lost productivity, what does bad communication with a vendor cost you? A lot, not just in money but in time, productivity, and efficiency. Not being able to communicate problems or what you need just breeds frustration and erodes productivity. Customer support that takes an eternity to get back to you or makes you jump through hoops to get help is something best left behind.

Modern CLM solutions like Malbek know that communication should be open, clear, and easy. We know that communication is the first thing a customer notices and really sets the stage for a working partnership. At Malbek, our customer-centric team works with you to address any issues quickly so you can get back to doing what you need to do. Unlike shelfware CLMs, we aren’t robots who don’t care and waste your time. We want you to be productive and succeed and working closely with you as a team helps to make that happen. In fact, one customer put it like this: “I do NOT recall the MALBEK team ever saying “no” to our requests!”

Don’t let shelfware lack of support make you feel minuscule or leave you in the dust. White-glove, customer- focused CLM solutions, like Malbek, are ready to help you set aside your shelfware for good.

To read the full eBook on the pain of CLM Shelfware, download it here.

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