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Making the Switch: Navigating CLM Implementations and Legacy Contract Migration


In the ever-evolving landscape of legal technology, optimizing your contract management process is no longer just a competitive edge—it’s a necessity. As legal technologists, you’re well aware of the transformative power that contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions bring to the table. They empower you to deliver data-driven insights, minimize risks, and seize new opportunities, all while streamlining the workflow for your Legal teams.

If you’re considering a switch from another provider or exploring options to enhance your contract management capabilities, you’re likely grappling with questions: How complex is the transition process? What will implementation look like? What about migrating our contract data?

This blog is your compass to navigate the exciting journey of transitioning to a solution that aligns perfectly with your needs—like the innovative Malbek platform.

As you embark on this journey of transformation, think about legacy contracts and data migration. It is a topic that might seem daunting – but fear not. This post will outline the intricacies, share insights, and outline best practices that will make this process a smooth and successful one.

The Dynamic Triad: Human Ingenuity, Streamlined Processes, and Cutting-Edge Technology

People: Establish Ownership and Adoption

Process: Map Workflows and Streamline Operations

Technology: Leverage Tools and Integrations

Bonus Tips for a Smooth Transition:

By addressing the three pillars—people, process, and technology—you’re setting the stage for a successful transition.



Tackling the Challenges of Data Migration: Navigating Structured and Unstructured Data

While implementation focuses on maximizing the potential of the new CLM solution, migration involves data transfer. Implementation and legacy migration are distinct, yet interconnected projects.

The path to transitioning your contract management from an existing provider to a new solution, such as the Malbek platform, is an exciting one, but it comes with its fair share of nuances. Let’s explore how you can effectively address some key challenges while accounting for structured and unstructured data: 

Navigating these challenges requires a well-coordinated effort that combines technology, strategy, and expertise. As you consider migrating from your existing provider to a solution like Malbek, remember that a comprehensive approach—one that addresses data complexity, volume, quality, security, and compliance—will pave the way for a successful transition.

Recognize that legacy migration and implementation are independent projects that should be run in parallel. For migration, you may not need as many stakeholders to be aligned, or champions may just need a dedicated resource to review and analyze the data. They add different values, different results, and a different level of effort.

Let’s embark on this transformation together.

For more insights into our vision and the transformative impact of our solutions on contract management, visit Malbek.