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Malbek Unveils Bold Brand Elevation to Reflect Innovation and Growth in CLM

Malbek levels up its look to match pace of innovation to its Generative AI-powered Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management platform.

Princeton, NJ, Dec. 14, 2023 (GLOBE Newswire) — Malbek, a leader in AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions, has taken a significant step forward in its corporate journey by unveiling a dynamic brand elevation that showcases its technological prowess, innovation, and commitment to serving the CLM community.

With this exciting transformation, Malbek positions itself as a formidable differentiator within the CLM landscape, setting new standards for innovation, technology, security, and professionalism.

Why the Change?

Malbek’s decision to embark on this brand elevation journey is driven by several key factors:

“It’s time for a bold new look,” says Hemanth Puttaswamy, CEO at Malbek. “Our rebrand represents a pivotal moment in our journey, highlighting our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. We are thrilled to unveil this new identity as we continue to push the boundaries of what CLM solutions can achieve.”

“It was time to elevate Malbek’s brand to the same level of beauty, power, and elegance experienced during every user session of our CLM platform,” says Ed Breault, CMO at Malbek.

The brand elevation rollout includes a redesigned brand identity, logo, new website, and digital experience that captures the essence of Malbek’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and progress.

For more information about Malbek’s brand elevation or to explore its advanced CLM solutions, please visit the Malbek Blog.

About Malbek:
Malbek is at the forefront of the digital contracting revolution. With continuous innovation, a well-integrated solution, and the latest in AI technology across the platform, they continue to increase efficiency and help drive meaningful impact to organizations across the globe.  With their customer-centric approach, it’s no wonder they have a 120% customer retention rate and 96% customer satisfaction rating. Malbek continues to make waves and disrupt traditional CLM technologies with its ease of use, robust workflows, and highly configurable platform. To learn more, visit For media inquiries, please contact