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Allison Caggia

NDA Efficiency: Automate, Configure, and Negotiate to Meet Rising Business Needs


Most businesses handle non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) on a daily basis.

NDAs are legal contracts designed to safeguard confidential information and minimize the risk of unauthorized use. It helps to protect both parties involved and promotes an environment of collaboration and trust. As NDAs often make up the largest number of agreements in a business’s repository, automating and configuring NDAs can save time and effort by streamlining processes.  Additionally, agreeing to these custom terms can help ensure mutual understanding and protection. Here we highlight the key areas to automate and configure NDAs to increase efficiency and share some practical tips for negotiating these custom terms.

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy with Automation

Maximize Protection with Configuration

Being able to negotiate custom terms in NDAs is crucial to mutual understanding and ensuring you meet both parties’ needs. Consider these tips for successful negotiations.

Non-disclosure agreements can be tricky. They are designed to protect a company’s confidential information and there is a lot at stake when it comes to managing them effectively. Malbek’s CLM platform offers streamlined workflows to improve NDA management. With enhanced collaboration and maximum protection, organizations can optimize efficiency throughout the contract lifecycle. Sign up for a demo today and learn how you can quickly generate and send NDAs for signature that safeguard your business!