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Alice Alfano

Fastcase Recognizes One of Malbek’s Innovators

He’s your favorite legal tech guide, our very own Director of Legal at Malbek, and everyone’s favorite legal tech enthusiast.

Yes, you guessed it! We are talking about Colin Levy. These days, it’s easy to enjoy his hot takes on legal tech and being a legal professional in this ever-changing world thanks to his ever-growing social media presence. But more than just his followers have noted his advocacy and vision for legal tech.

We are proud to announce that Colin has been included in the Fastcase 50, an annual list compiled by the legal intelligence company Fastcase. The list is a prestigious honor awarded to only the most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, and leaders in the legal sphere.

So why Colin? What made him stand out so much that he was included in this list?

If we had to guess, it would come down to three things:

1. His Passion

Colin’s passion for legal tech is what drives him to continue to advocate for technology that bridges the gap between the tech and legal worlds. His passion comes from years of experience where he has seen technology be a key driver in improving how legal services are offered and executed. He knows that legal tech is about creating and using better tools to perform work and deliver better outcomes for others. He shows this every day in his role at Malbek where he acts as a strategic advisor to the CEO and COO, taking charge of the company’s internal legal function with a focus on data privacy, IP, and contracting.

2. His Contributions

His passion for legal tech does not stop at enthusiasm. He has dedicated himself to educating others about legal tech. He has stated that his purpose is to “inform and inspire and to support and contribute to the legal tech community”. Additionally, he continues to fuel the next generation of lawyers through his work. He often speaks to diverse audiences providing them with strategic insights and advice on approaching technology, the benefits of being open-minded, and shaping one’s legal career. Colin also routinely contributes to blogs, podcasts, speaking events, and articles to share his knowledge and experience with legal tech.

3. His Leadership

As a result of his advocacy, Colin has become one of the foremost thought leaders in the legal tech world. Colin launched his legal tech journey modestly by directly reaching out to legal tech leaders to learn about the space. These conversations then evolved into interviews that he publishes on his own blog, gradually becoming an authority in his own right. Colin’s speaking engagements, legal tech newsletter, and blog aim to empower others in the tech and legal services industries, and his publications now serve as a hub to inspire and recharge the legal tech community.

We are so proud of Colin and his achievements. Keep it coming!

We can’t recommend highly enough that you check Colin out on LinkedIn and Twitter so you can stay up to date with his advocacy. If you’re interested in a bit of legal tech that can transform your organization, request a demo!