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Alice Alfano

Modern Procurement Problems Require Modern Contract Solutions

Procurement problems, like third-party paper and searching for clauses and contracts can cause delays. A modern contract management solution can help.

Becky Holloway

How Contract Management Fortifies Finance Teams

Finance teams face a variety of complicated contracting challenges related to fiscal responsibility, which can be solved with contract management software.

Allison Martyn

The Judge Knows Best

This first-hand account tells how a bankruptcy judge court-ordered the purchase of a contract management software solution to better manage contracts.

Dan Sloan

Total Cost of Ownership 2.0

Contract management solutions find themselves in a period of transformation where total cost of ownership is a serious consideration.

Becky Holloway

It’s Not Me, It’s You: A CLM Break-up Story

In this customer story we uncover why an industry-leading SaaS company chose Malbek over the CLM establishment.

Becky Holloway

5 Ways to Get More out of Your Contract Management Solution

In the 6th and final webinar on the CLM buying journey, we focus on recommendations for optimizing the implementation of your new CLM solution.

Becky Holloway

Be a Legal Ops Hero: Contracts for All

Contracts aren’t just the realm of the legal department. By championing contracts for the whole company, legal ops professionals can be superheroes.

Jaime Slocum

5 Best Practices for Contract Migration

You have a new CLM solution, but you need to get your existing contracts into the system. Here are the top 5 best practices for contract migration.

Becky Holloway

4 Insider Tips for Choosing a CLM Solution and Implementation Partner

Our panel of contract management experts provides helpful insight on what to ask and look for when choosing a CLM vendor and implementation partner.