What Type of Company Benefits the Most From A CLM Like Ours?

Welcome to another installment of our series "You ask. We answer" where we answer some of the most ...

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Benefits of an Effective Contract Lifecycle Management System

How Malbek is like Amazon Prime You would have to be living under a rock to not know about Amazon ...

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Malbek Photography Contest

Recently, Team Malbek India held a photography contest as a fun employee activity. They took ...

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    June 17

    It's Time to Act

    The past few weeks have been difficult ones for our country. We are at a watershed moment, and we know that in order to change things, it's going to get uncomfortable for many.

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    June 15

    Honey, Can You Remind Me When Our Anniversary Is?

    Ever ask this question to your spouse?  Hopefully you didn’t have to because you should remember it, or you have set-up a reminder on your phone to remind you.

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    June 8

    Budget - Sharing the Investment and the Benefits

    You’re out enjoying a glass of lemonade (or other beverage of your choice) on a hot summer day, and you’re admiring the hydrangeas you just planted last fall.

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    June 2

    This Must End.

    Words feel so inadequate to express the emotion of the past 8 days. What began with yet another black man’s life being slowly snuffed out at the hands of a police officer has shaken our nation to its core with widespread protests calling for change.

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    June 1

    The Cost of Missing a Contract Milestone

    Companies come to us grappling with all sorts of contract issues, and nothing makes us happier than being able to help them overcome these challenges.

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    May 26

    How Contract Management Fortifies Finance Teams

    For those who had any doubt whether finance teams should care about contract management, IACCM reports that 9 percent of annual revenue is eroded due to contracting problems, like missed milestones.

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    May 18

    The Judge Knows Best

    Once upon a time, I worked for a large, well-known company we’ll call Acme Corporation (we delivered a lot of products to a cartoon coyote in the desert.)

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    May 12

    Why Getting Funded as a Start-up Is a Lot Like Getting Married

    Do I have your attention now? OK, so we didn't exactly get hitched, but we did a start-up version of that by closing $3 million in funding with Osage Venture Partners (OVP).

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