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Colin Levy

Why It’s Important to Have a CLM Solution

Contracts are often seen as the circulatory system of a business. They power so much and – much like a heart – can cause problems when not taken care of properly. So how do you take care of your contracts? With a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution!

Contract lifecycle management is the process of managing the entire life cycle of a contract, from creation to termination. This includes tasks such as drafting and negotiation, execution, compliance monitoring, and renewals or modifications. 

It is important for a whole host of reasons, so here are the top three reasons CLM is important for your organization:

#1: Effectiveness

Using a CLM solution can help ensure that your contracts are executed effectively. This includes making sure that all parties understand the terms of the contract, and that the contract is legally binding. Additionally, CLM helps to minimize risks and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

#2: Visibility

Using a CLM solution can enable your organization to easily track and manage their contracts. This includes being able to easily access and view contracts, as well as tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as contract renewal rates and contract compliance.

#3: Efficiency

Using a CLM solution facilitates more collaborative and data-driven contractual processes through centralized document storage, retrieval, and communication helping you avoid endless confusing email threads about your contracts. Automated reminders about contract expirations and renewals can ensure monitoring of contract milestones is a breeze.

CLM is essential for any organization that wants to manage contracts efficiently. It helps organizations to minimize risks, ensure compliance, and improve their contract-related processes. And it helps organizations to save time and money by automating contract-related tasks. 

Naturally, what I have listed above are not the only reasons why having a CLM is so important. If you’d like to learn more, please request a demo of Malbek and we will share everything you need to know (and show you what a modern, award-winning CLM solution can do for your organization).