5 Key Contract Management Practices for the Procurement Department

5 Key Contract Management Practices for Procurement Procurement is one of the most complicated ...

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How Malbek Seamlessly Integrates With Salesforce

Sales teams are critical to many businesses' revenue, so empowering your sales people is essential. ...

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10 Best Practices in Contract Lifecycle Management

  When contract lifecycle management is overlooked in business operations, it leads to unnecessary ...

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    July 23

    Contractually Speaking, You’ll Love Us!

    My decision to join the amazing team at Malbek was an easy one. With a great product, brilliant people, and being a fun place to work, it’s no surprise that we are instantly disrupting the quote-to-cash space.

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    July 18

    What’s in a Name? Malbek!

    We are often asked, "How did you come up with the company’s name?" Naming a company is not something you do every day. In many ways, it could be like naming a child, or even a pet.

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    July 13

    The 6 Keys to Conquering Contract Chaos

    Let’s face it, our lives are overly complicated with too much technology these days.  But contract management doesn’t have to be.  It’s time to get back to basics and explore how Malbek technology simplifies your contract management challenges.

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    June 22

    The 6 Secrets to Outstanding Customer Support

    As someone who works in customer support, I’m very attuned to when I receive a great customer experience. One of the best I’ve ever encountered is with Patagonia, a favorite brand of mine. They make high-performing outdoor clothing that looks great while following a philosophy of sustainability.

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    June 11

    Is Contract Complexity Catching up to You?

    After posting recent content on LinkedIn describing how Malbek is creating customer-centric contracting experiences, I received some amazing feedback and great questions.

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    June 1

    Culture is a Team Sport

    “What did you learn at school today?” I asked my 2nd grade daughter.  She’s learning about economics, you know, basics like supply and demand, pricing, etc.

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    May 25

    Why Being a New CLM Solution Provider Is Actually a Good Thing

    Remember when disks were floppy? Remember when phones had cords? Remember when you had to “dial up” to get online? Clearly, new is much better.

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    May 18

    So what’s up with this “Speed the Green” tagline

    You may have noticed Malbek using the tagline “Speed the Green™” in places like our LinkedIn page or on our website.

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