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Remember Searching through Encyclopedias?


Matt Patel

May 4, 2020

Today we continue our ongoing "how to" series examining the important steps needed to achieve ideal contract management by turning to the topic of searching your contracts. Unfortunately, this can be a truly frustrating experience for many. You may know what you're looking for, but you just can't find it.

Without giving away my age as I feel I am always 21 years old, do you remember the days when you opened the encyclopedia (if you were fortunate enough to afford a set) and searched through its pages to find the answers you were looking for? Then came Google, which made life easier to search for just about anything. Remember when you searched through pages and pages of catalogs that came from JCPenney or Sears to shop for an item? Then came Amazon to the rescue, and, with a few clicks, you could filter on exactly the product you were looking for.

If you are doing that in your personal life, why should you have to search through paper contracts, file folders on your shared drive, or even build complex technical reports to find your contracts? If you thought it wasn't possible to find contracts as easily as you find content on Google or products on Amazon, think again. It's not only possible; companies are already doing it thanks to Malbek.

At Malbek, we think differently, develop features differently, and work with customers differently. We asked this simple question: "Why can’t we bring the consumer-grade experience that we are so used to at home on our personal devices to our workplace and help manage our contracts just as easily?"

Next time you have to ask your IT team to build you a report to find contracts for your requirements, think about whether you would ask Amazon to build you a report every time you needed to find a product that matches your needs. The idea is ridiculous, so why do we accept it when it comes to contracts?

Want to see our amazing search and filter capabilities for yourself? Request a demo, and we'd be happy to oblige.

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