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Simplify Signature Processes: Integrating DocuSign and Adobe Sign with CLM Software for Smooth Contract Execution


Allison Caggia

July 13, 2023

In today’s fast pace digital world, companies are under more pressure than ever to increase operational efficiencies and minimize manual processes. When it comes to contract lifetime management (CLM), one important area of focus is the execution of contracts and obtaining signatures as safely and swiftly as possible. Malbek Konnect provides integrations to leading e-signature solutions, like DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Sip a glass of Malbec and sign on the dotted line to reduce bottlenecks, enhance accountability, and expedite contract execution.

Reduce bottlenecks to expedite contract execution. 

The execution phase of a contract typically involves numerous stakeholders and entails significant manual coordination and extensive rounds of paperwork.  By integrating with DocuSign and Adobe Sign for electronic signature, organizations can streamline the execution process, reduce unnecessary back-and-forth, accelerate timelines, and mitigate risks for all involved parties. 

  • Automated signature routing: By configuring signature routing rules, the process becomes automated, removing the manual effort to determine who signs.  Based on cost center, department, agreement type, contract value and other parameters, the system can easily route the contract to the designated signatory in your organization seamlessly.  When all signatures have been collected, the signed PDF is automatically posted to the contract record.  The content of the signed copy is immediately searchable and with our AI insights, you can identify what clauses and terms exist in your signed contracts. 
  • Real-time tracking: Teams can easily track the status of signatures on contracts in real-time, allowing transparency and accountability. This can help expedite the execution of a contract while enhancing communication and allows the team to flag anything that needs immediate attention. 
  • Legal compliance: Both DocuSign and Adobe Sign comply with all global standards and regulations, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of all signed documents.   
  • One-click to electronic signature – Malbek provides out-of-box configurability that can immediately move a new request and draft contract from through the workflow and into e-signature state.  If standard terms are used, it is your paper, and no exceptions are made, then the system is intelligent enough to take the newly drafted contract right through the workflow into e-signature routed to the designated signatory, without a single manual click from the end-user. 

Streamlining electronic signatures reduces unnecessary back and forth. 

In the past, the person tasked with obtaining wet signatures was faced with a laborious challenge. Oftentimes, contracts were held up for weeks or months waiting for the appropriate people to sign. Now, seamless integrations allow people to focus on more important projects and let these e-signature solutions do the work itself. Digitizing this process comes with numerous benefits: 

  • Eliminates waste: Integrating your CLM with eSignature technology can help you to reduce your reliance on paper documents. Going paperless often translates to measurable cost savings, as you will no longer rely on expensive printing or scanning equipment as much. 
  • Seamless digital signing experience: Signatures can now be obtained anywhere at any time making the process seamless and faster than ever before. Streamline your customer experience, improve your brand reputation, and attract new business. 
  • Increased accessibility and security: Our integrations provide authentication and digital certificates, secure storage, and 2nd level of password authentication, which safeguards private information and ensures the identity of these signatories.  
  • Timely audit trails: Both DocuSign and Adobe Sign provide audit trails back to Malbek, timestamps, IP addresses, and other important information. This detailed history of the signing process can help everyone involved know an agreement's current status, what actions need to be taken, by whom, and when.  

It may seem simple, but integrating e-signature solutions, like DocuSign and Adobe Sign, can dramatically streamline the execution and signature phases of a contract, which has been time-consuming and hard to manage in the past. It can significantly reduce contract time, minimize errors, and increase operational efficiency leading to happy and loyal customers.   

To learn more about our e-Signature integrations and the Malbek Konnect marketplace, visit our product page. 






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