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So what’s up with this “Speed the Green” tagline


Matt Patel

May 18, 2018

You may have noticed Malbek using the tagline “Speed the Green™” in places like our LinkedIn page or on our website. As we prepared for the debut of the Malbek solution suite for quotes and contracts, we wanted to develop a catchy phrase that epitomized the spirit of what we stand for as a company and what our products accomplish for our customers. But what does “Speed the Green” actually mean in relation to our core business — quotes and contracts? Let’s break it down into two simple, but profoundly important areas of focus — increased time to revenue and ecological efficiency.

Increased Time to Revenue

The first meaning of “Speed the Green” is all about accelerating time to value — getting companies to the profitability their contracts should be bringing them faster. There are all sorts of things that can get in the way of time to value. Since contracts represent financial obligations (income producing sales contracts with up-sell and cross-sell potential), the longer the contract sits in queue, waiting for negotiations, revisions, approvals, and final signatures, the slower it takes to realize the monetary value of that contract. Even on the buy-side, contracts have clear financial implications, and a bogged-down contract lifecycle can impede corporate growth. When mission-critical business initiatives are held up by poor contract management, the bottom line suffers.

We have talked with so many industry professionals who have shared their contracting horror stories around poor milestone management. Time and again, when renewals were unintentionally overlooked or key deliverables were missed that included financial penalties, we have seen companies suffer the economic burden. There is a very clear correlation between robust contract management and fiscal health. The most robust contract management solutions, such as what we offer at Malbek, ensure that an important deadline or renewal is never missed resulting in a financial hardship.

In short, “Speed the Green” means that Malbek provides the automation, workflow, and reporting insight to keep your company’s contracts on track, getting to revenue faster and protecting against unnecessary fiscal exposure.

Ecological Efficiency

The other meaning of green has a slightly more outward focus — our environment. At Malbek our culture is fully committed to being a good steward of the world around us. We know that our solutions promote a more ecologically-aware attitude. With our entire suite of products available in the cloud, there is a never a need to print a piece of paper. Ever. Our solution even includes e-signature, so that final contract execution happens virtually. Think of all the trees you’re saving!

In all seriousness, we are overloaded with printed paper, which sits in piles or in files, and is of little use to anyone. Malbek, on the other hand, supports a different way. We believe every critical business task can be done in the cloud, and we’ve built our entire system architecture on that premise. From automated email reminders to review contract changes to search capabilities that rival those of Google, we have made our quotes and contracting products so simple to use and so ecologically efficient, you will immediately understand why we created our tagline, “Speed the Green”.

To test drive our solutions, fill out a demo request form here. We can’t wait to get you on your own “Speed the Green” journey!

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