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Gary Zuder

What Type of Company Benefits the Most From A CLM Like Ours?

Welcome to another installment of our series “You ask. We answer” where we answer some of the most common questions that come from people like you. So, let’s get started!

What Type of Company Benefits the Most from a CLM Solution Like Ours?

Imagine this – you and your family are in the market for a new car. The first question you may ask yourself is, “What kind of car is suited for me?” Do you just need something with four wheels for getting back and forth to work? Maybe you are trying to find something for the next family vacation? At the highest level, a couple basic questions come to mind, like what are you looking for, and for what reasons? (Actually, those are the kinds of questions that the salesperson should be asking you !) Buying a car is all about the right “fit.”  So is enterprise software. 

Malbek offers a solution that is suitable for organizations with key objectives in mind for the software – it is designed for the enterprise, business user-friendly, and a solution that can keep up with them .

what does enterprise software actually mean?

Malbek is built for the enterprise. But what exactly does that mean? Many hear “enterprise software” and think only large-scale deployments that require the right architecture for scalability – we’ve got that covered as we deploy across large user bases that demand superior application performance. But when you break it down, enterprise software will be used throughout an organization, not in just one department or division, or across just one set of users. It’s designed from the bottom up to be leveraged in just that way. And when we’re talking contracts, there are many areas of the business that touch a contract or its data, such as Legal, Finance, Sales, IT, and Procurement. Considering all the different personas (salespeople, legal admins, executive team) that will need to access the contract management solution, usability is the most important factor. With Malbek’s UI, we’ve made it our mission to make things as easy to use as Google, and Amazon – something everyone can relate to!

A Solution Built for Business Users

As this enlightening article states, “Historically, the CIO has been responsible for deploying, managing, and maintaining IT systems across the organization.” But things are changing rapidly. As CIOs become more strategic visionaries and business partners from a global perspective, it’s up to the individual business owners of any given application to be able to configure, not customize, the application according to their needs. Contract management solutions have many components that may change over time, such as document and agreement templates, business flows, approval flows, and general metadata that needs to be tracked and managed. So what happens when something needs to be changed?

Malbek has designed our solution so that our clients can make these changes themselves with no dependency on stretched IT departments. Let’s be clear – these days they are fully focused on current remote work and collaboration challenges, not to mention cyber security and other pressing IT infrastructure projects. So what if you have complex contracting processes and are concerned that such a solution, without customs, won’t meet your needs? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Check us out with a demo.

a solution that can grow with you

Big or small, organizations were not meant to be static. They evolve and grow in both their requirements and volume. Malbek is a robust platform purpose-built for optimal contract lifecycle management in terms of both complexity and size. Are you a hyper-growth company looking for consistency and speed in your contracting? A large enterprise looking to modernize your approach to standardizing agreements with clause libraries and reduce risk? A smaller organization laying a foundation for the future? Our solution provides an easy-to-understand framework that can evolve with your employees’ and your organization’s changing needs. Ultimately, Malbek’s extensibility and scalability allow for quick deployment and faster adoption. In one customer case study with Atheer, a pioneer in the Augmented Reality (AR) space, partnering with a CLM vendor that could scale was critical. “Atheer knew they needed a vendor that could evolve with their own growth and scale in both volume and complexity to get contracting right straight from the get-go.”

Some companies don’t know where to start, but we can help. After all, it’s all about fit. Whether you are large or small or somewhere in-between, we’d like to have that conversation with you.