5 Key Contract Management Practices for the Procurement Department

5 Key Contract Management Practices for Procurement Procurement is one of the most complicated ...

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How Malbek Seamlessly Integrates With Salesforce

Sales teams are critical to many businesses' revenue, so empowering your sales people is essential. ...

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10 Best Practices in Contract Lifecycle Management

  When contract lifecycle management is overlooked in business operations, it leads to unnecessary ...

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    December 21

    'Twas the Night Before Signing

    What a year 2020 has been! We all learned to evolve and adapt quickly with the changing times.

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    December 14

    Signs of Shelfware: The Three Cs of a Bad User Interface

    “The additional steps and buttons they force you to push are frequently onerous, and it falls significantly short of intuitive.”  

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    December 7

    Cakes and Contracts: The Importance of Planning

    Outside of my day job at Malbek, I have a side hobby making cakes.As I was sorting through some of my cake pictures, I realized there’s a lot of similarities between making a fancy cake and implementing a CLM solution. In this three part series I want to talk about those similarities. For part one, let's start at the beginning with the importance of planning.

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    November 30

    An Epic Adventure in the COVID Era

    I have always worked from home (well at least the last 20 years) so I’m kind of used to being isolated.

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    November 23

    Innovations Inspired by You

    We believe that contracts shouldn't be confined just to the realm of legal. Contract data can (and does) drive results across the entire business.

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    November 16

    Do You Have Any Customers Our Size or Industry?

    We're excited to introduce a brand new blog series called "You ask. We answer."

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    November 9

    Winning Big with Analytics

    Traveling blind is not a great idea. Having no insight into what is going on with your contracts is an equally dangerous game.

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    November 2

    Signs of Shelfware: Can You Hear Me!?

    Today we continue our series on Contract Management Shelfware and turn our attention to the topic of customer support and how legacy contract management vendors often fall short.

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