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A Look Ahead into 2021 from the Malbek Perspective


Matt Patel

January 4, 2021

And just like that 2020 is over. As I look back at my blog post from a year ago about our 2020 goals, one of the goals I listed was to “Travel More” and I can confidently say that we accomplished that. You might think I am nuts, because with the global pandemic one thing we all did NOT do is travel! But Malbek surely travelled. As we said in our goals, Malbek will travel across the country as well as the world and that we did. We onboarded several global customers with diverse geographic presence and expanded the use of Malbek across the world.

With the new year ahead of us, Malbek’s goals are different than the past years. In many ways they are similar to what we all plan to do in our personal lives.


At Malbek, we always strive to move out of our comfort zone on a regular basis. Technology is moving fast, and Malbek wants to move with it at the speed of now. With a significant increase in our R&D investment and increased focus on product innovation, we plan to launch an amazing set of new capabilities across our application this year that provide higher ROI and better results for our customers.

Social Distancing?

Not when it comes to contracts. We want to promote even more collaboration and contract communication across departments in organizations that otherwise typically work in silos and are socially distanced from one another. Terms of an agreement often touch sales, legal, finance, procurement, IT and more. Malbek continues to help customers expand the use of its solution across other departments and we want to make this expansion and user adoption even more seamless in the coming year.

Nurture Our Culture

One thing we pride ourselves on is our unique company culture. It keeps employees happy and that in turn delivers better results overall. Often, organizations lose that part of the culture with rapid growth. At Malbek, we consistently focus on preserving this essential part of our company and in 2021 we want to take additional measures to add new elements to our culture.


The support we had from our partners in 2020 was amazing. And we want to enable them to be even more successful with Malbek for our joint customers in 2021. Our partners strive to deliver value-added services along with a great solution to their clients and Malbek wants to make it easy for them. Malbek’s clear focus is to be the best solution provider in the industry, but we understand that each organization may also need specific services and support that goes beyond Malbek's expertise. That’s where our partner network is essential and can deliver added value using their services along with our solution.

We wish you all a happy new year and lots of luck in the coming year!

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